Principal Sends High School Girl Home For Wearing This Outfit (Photo)


A student in Kentucky was sent home from school because her outfit exposed her collarbone.

Originally posted on the social networking site Reddit, the image of the young woman shows her wearing a tan undershirt with a white cardigan on top and a pair of jeans.


School officials allegedly sent her home because her collarbone was showing, which went against dress code.

“Female students are not allowed to show their collar bone because it’s distracting the male students,” the caption alongside the photo explained.

Many users on Reddit were quick to lambaste the school’s decision, while others recounted similar situations of extreme dress code rules.

“They tried to ban girls from wearing anything that could reveal their bra strap for the same reason in my high school, so the girls just stopped wearing bras. Then they tried to make bras mandatory. Turns out a teacher asking a 16-year-old if she’s wearing a bra or not could have some unfortunate legal ramification,” one Reddit user wrote.

Another user writes about their child’s school dress code:

My daughter’s elementary (K-5) has a no tank top rule, I assume to minimize the chance of girls wearing spaghetti straps. My daughter recently informed me that there was a girl in her kindergarten class who would wear her shirt tied up in the front all the time so her belly button was showing. Still can’t wrap my mind around how that was ok but shoulders are forbidden.

“I remember high school… she could be in a full length down parka and I would still have been distracted,” quips another user.

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