Rude Driver Thinks It’s Funny To Harass Lady On Bike, Gets Instant Dose Of Karma [video]


Bikers and drivers are known to get into fights. Because they must share the road and are completely different kinds of vehicles, they’re bound to come into conflict.

But when this scumbag van driver saw a young lady on a bicycle, he decided to defile her. He catcalled and verbally abused her. However, he chose the wrong girl.

After the lesson she taught him, he’ll probably never verbally abuse a woman ever again. Check out how she got dirty revenge on the punk driver…

 The video is caught from the perspective of a motorcyclist who happened to be at the scene. He drives up behind the altercation and catches the van driver picking on the young woman. They are both stuck at a red light in an urban area. And he figured it’d be cool to pick on the woman while he had a minute.

“Alright? Want my number?” the van driver shouts.

She tells him off.

“Woah, woah, don’t be like that!”

She shouts, “Go away!”

Then the van driver sticks his torso out of the woman and lurches toward the young woman.

“Woah! That’s not very lady-like is it, ay? Oi, what charm school did you go to, ay?”

The young woman tries to ignore the bully in the van. But then he takes things too far.

 “You wanna tell your mum and dad to get their f***ing money back.

He then tries to belittle her and make her feel smaller than him.

“Shut up you old dog,” he says. “You on your period? Listen don’t be like that, come on…Give me your number! We’ll go for a drink.”

Then the light changes. The van speeds off afraid that the girl will fight back. Little does he know that she is about to cause some real trouble to him.

Eventually the van comes to a halt. The girl is not far behind. She rides up to him and then stops her bicycle.

Then she reaches over and yanks the passenger side window off the punk’s car.

The man on the scooter with the GoPro camera is impressed.

Watch the video below to see how it all goes down!

More than 1.2 million people have watched this video. Here is what people are saying about it:

“Staged or not, women need to learn how to chill the fuck out. So what, he said something to you. Are you really not in control of yourself to the point where you have to slam your brakes, RIP off their mirror, and pedal hard like a savage? I feel sorry for this woman, she must have had a rough life,” Green Hat wrote.

Cyclist girl should be charged with dangerous cycling too, because the way she ride her bicycle is making other drivers nervous,” Observer wrote. “She damaged the vehicle and she need to pay for it!!! Those who complain about catcalling can choose to dress unattractive clothes, wearing shorts and sports bra in during winter is certainly quite noticeable among crowd.”

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