While His Parents Shop At Costco, Little Boy Amazes Shoppers With Impromptu Performance

Strangers with a video camera didn’t even phase this dazzling young performer. At only nine years old, Jake Clayton is showman far beyond his years. He is able to accomplish fascinating feats of technicality on the piano – and all while standing up.


When you hear him, you will think he is performing a solo in a concert hall. In reality, he is making his stunning performance in a local Costco – probably one of the most unexpected venues possible. And the performance that came out of it is unbelievable!

While shoppers went about their business, they did not expect to hear anything like this. Maybe elsewhere in a five-star restaurant, but definitely not during Saturday morning grocery shopping. Young Jake’s parents were doing their own shopping when the little pianist decided to pass the time. Decked out in a vintage jacket and a bowler hat, Jake performs with total style.

There is a reason he seems totally casual about doing it, too. Jake has taken piano lessons since before he was five years old. He took to the piano so naturally that he began playing in competitions and performing in multiple concert venues – even with a symphony orchestra. For a little guy his age, he already has an extremely promising future. Whether he is playing Mozart, Beethoven, or ragtime piano in a grocery store, Jake accomplishes what can only be God-given talent. Listen to Jake’s playing below. Like many of the shoppers gathering around the piano, you won’t want to stop listening!