This Had Me In Tears! So Beautiful And Creative Of The Bride.

Arianna and Ryan held their wedding in July, where they had a traditional wedding in a small church, but this wedding ceremony was anything far from traditional.

Waiting for the bride to enter and walk down the aisle, the bridal party, the groom, as well as the audience all patiently awaited for the beautiful bride to make her way to her groom.

When she entered the back of the church and was about to make her first steps own the aisle, she started singing!

Yes, full out belting the lyrics to Carrie Underwood’s song, “Look At Me.”

Ryan was fighting back the tears as he stood at the front of the church with a huge grin on his face, looking at his forever.

There was not one person sitting or standing in that church that had dry eyes. The cover of the song was amazing it had people in tears!

Incredible and creative, Arianna was.

“That my friend, Ryan, is called making an entrance,” proclaimed the pastor.

The groom responded through tears and smile, “Yes, it is.”Liftable

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