Hilarious Chinese Boy Has Steve Rolling With Over-The-Top Latin Dance!

Steve Harvey has introduced some phenomenally talented kids to the world through his show Little Big Shots. All kinds of talents from roller skating acrobatics and a Bruce Lee impersonation have been featured on the show… but no one has had us laughing out loud quite like Xiongfei.

Xiongfei is a young Chinese dancer who recently had Steve Harvey cracking up with what may be one of the best Little Big Shots performances ever! Even though he has to speak to Steve through a translator, his big personally definitely shines through.


“Yeah, I did learn Latin dance for the sake of losing weight,” Xiongfei explains via his translator, “but after I learned it I didn’t know I would become so hot!”

Xiongfei is overweight, but he can move his body in a way few others can. In fact, he’s embraced his weight and his Chinese nickname: “Latin dance little fatty.” When Steve asks about the stage name, Xiongei erupts into an enthusiastic response that totally stuns Steve.

Clearly Xiongfei holds nothing back!


But– as much fun as it is just to watch Xiongfei be his hilarious self– it’s clear he’s itching to dance… and once the music comes on, it’s easy to see why! Xiongfei is clearly having a blast. He even drags his translator onto the dance floor with an enthusiastic “C’mon!”

Not only can he move, his facial expressions are next level.


But the best part might be at the very end when he dances with Steve! What a personality!

Check out Xiongefei’s hilarious performance below and share.