Single Mom’s Post About Ex’s New Girlfriend Goes Viral…But Not For The Reason You Think

Breakups are tough for adults; but if there are children, the ending of a relationship can cause confusion and sadness. The child can suffer a sense of insecurity and low self-esteem.

If the adults don’t handle the ending of their relationship with care, things have the potential to become nasty, bitter, and painful. Where are the children while the adults are feuding bitterly? Right in the middle.

For one child, at least, the ending of her parent’s relationship ended up not being quite as bad because she got two moms and a dad who put her welfare first. There’s no resentment between 4-year-old Payton’s real mom and her dad’s current girlfriend. The three adults have created a strong blended family with the Missouri girl’s stability and well-being front and center.

Payton’s mom, Brittney Johnson, received national attention when she shared a thank you note on Facebook with the woman she referred to as Payton’s “bonus mom.”

In the post, published in July, Brittney wondered why any mother would protest when another female “treats your child as her own.” Johnson continued by saying this is “exactly what you want.”

Kayla Imhoff is Payton’s father’s partner. Johnson has observed how, after meeting two years ago, her daughter and Imhoff instantly bonded. Imhoff has served as a healthy, positive role model for Payton, despite the 22-year-old’s hectic schedule while attending nursing school.

“Let me tell you, I’m raising a strong girl, a smart girl and a sweet girl. And I want nothing more than for her to be surrounded with role models who are exactly that,” Johnson wrote. “Thank you Kayla for showing Payton how to chase her dreams, how to work hard and stay up late to study for a test. Thank you for still making time to ride her bike with her and make her mac and cheese even in one of the stressful times of your life. You’re a true role model and an amazing bonus mom and we are so proud of you!”

Johnson admitted how daunting this new arrangement initially was for the adults. Most mothers view any newcomer as a crafty and threatening interloper. But this wasn’t the case with Jonson and Imhoff; the two women have become genuine friends, united in their shared love and affection for one little girl. They’re all about “Team Payton.”

The three adults in the little girl’s life recently got together to celebrate Payton’s birthday. They made a day of it with lunch, shopping, and play gym. Payton’s dad’s Facebook page contains photos of a happy and beaming little girl surrounded by the three people who love her the most and who have made her a priority in their lives.

Johnson and Imhoff live about 30 miles apart, but the two women have shown that miles don’t matter when it comes to this little girl. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all children had such caring and supportive adults in their lives – people who consider the emotional stability of the little ones in their lives instead of their own feelings?

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