Model On Vacation Spots Paralyzed Dog Dragging On Beach, But Village Refuses To Help.

Canadian model Meagan Penman, was halfway around the world in Thailand when a tragic situation unfolded right in front of her. While walking on the beach one morning, Meagan saw an animal approaching from a distance… but something seemed to be terribly wrong. Rushing toward the creature, Meagan was devastated to discover a paraplegic dog dragging itself through the sand.

Heartbroken, Meagan showed the pup more kindness than he’d received in who knows how long. It was then that she decided, this dog’s life was in her hands.

  • Based on his terrible wounds, it seemed the pup had been hit by a car.


Because he was so badly broken, Meagan was unable to find a shelter in Thailand that would take him in.


Meagan was finally able to get an X-ray… and the results were not good.


The pup’s spine was broken.


Knowing he had no future in Thailand, Meagan vowed to find a way to get the pup to Canada.


But Meagan’s task was no easy one.


Meagan needed over $2,000 to get the pup home.


But thanks to the generosity of online donors, Meagan’s goal was realized.


Meagan named the pup Leo and kept him calm on the long flight home.


Two months later, Leo was ready for a forever home.


Meagan found a wonderful woman named Julia that adopted Leo on the spot.


Julia even fixed Leo up with his very own wheels.


The little guy is showing early signs of mobility.


But until then Leo is content living life to the fullest.


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