Giant Wolf Plops Down Beside Her, But Watch What Happens When They Make Eye Contact

Alright hats off to this woman, really. I could never get that close to a wolf, not even in my dreams. What you’re about to see is real and the wolf, who looks potentially fierce and ferocious, is actually nothing but a big puppy! Meet Kekoa, an adorable wolf who loves his humans, especially a woman named Danielle.

Residing at the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center, this wolf spends most of his time in beautiful snowy woods and doesn’t miss the chance to cuddle his favorite human. When Kekoa and Danielle sit down to spend some quality snuggling time together, another wolf comes by. Meet Sakura, also a giant puppy in disguise of a wolf!

Take a look at this jaw dropping video!

This just goes to prove that there can be harmonious relationships between human and animal and that no matter how tiny you are, love is all that matters! Share away, people!