Days After Small Mark Appeared On Mom’s Body, She Died. Now Her Family Is Warning Others

Life for Cassandra Campbell, 24, couldn’t have been better. She gave birth to a healthy baby and then got offered a new job. She was welcomed to work alongside her beloved father as a tattoo artist in Michigan.

Around this time, things quickly changed. Cassandra noticed a little bug bite, small, but nasty. She went to the doctor and was told to be safe and use some antibiotic prescriptions.

“She had been bitten by a bug, we assumed. She was nursing at the time, so we got antibiotics, and they put her on two different ones,” said her mother Cindy.

When she brought the medicine home, Cassandra suddenly started feeling flu-like symptoms. She was sick and then developed a rash that spread across every inch of her body. Then she was rushed to the ER and things quickly went downhill…

After visiting the ER, the physicians could find nothing. They released her and told her to rest. But things didn’t improve. She returned to the emergency room. She was sent home again.
But then Cassandra was rushed to the ER again – this time things didn’t pan out well. Then Cindy got a call that she’ll never forget.

“I got a call from her boyfriend saying she couldn’t see. Her eyes were all matted shut, and she couldn’t walk on her feet,” said Cindy.

Her rash got worse. She developed painful and cracking blisters. Her eyes grew swollen and she could no longer walk. Doctors had no idea what to do so they treated her like a burn patient.

“They actually didn’t know at first what was causing it, and they called doctors around the world,” said Cindy.

After several days, they finally figured out the root of her problem, but by then it was too late.

Cassandra was diagnosed with a rare disorder commonly caused by antibiotics like penicillin or Bactrim – that’s right, the medicine that the doctors had originally prescribed her was the cause of all her suffering. “There were a lot of people crying in the room that day,” said Tim Campbell, Cassie’s father.

They could not act fast enough. The medicine-induced disease stole Cassandra’s life. Now her family is speaking out because they want others to know that medication can be dangerous.
Plus, Cassandra left behind a 3-week old baby. Her family is in torment.

“It was tough, it was tough. It’s the biggest fear I ever had was losing one of my children,” said Cindy Shoemaker, Cassie’s mother, to Fox 17.

“She was a brand new mom, and it was taken from her,” said Cindy. “Then the doctors came up to me, and they just told me they were sorry and they couldn’t save her.”

Pharmacy doctors say that the cause of Cassandra’s death is so rare few people know about it. The disease does not even have standard symptoms as it affects people differently. The symptoms change based on the medications the victim is taking and their genetics.

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