Foreigner Ignores Street Kid Begging For Money, But Then He Looks Down At His Feet.

As western civilization sweeps over the Philippines, the influx of commerce and industry has left a slew of poverty in its wake. While many in the middle class have done well financially as the technology boom washes over the South China Sea, many, like the area’s homeless, have found themselves caught even further in the cycle of poverty.

This truth is all too real a kid called Warren who lives on the streets of Manila.


Warren was begging for change and selling jasmine flowers outside a Manila shopping mall when a tall, tattooed ‘foreigner’ stopped to talk. The westerner noticed that Warren was wearing no shoes, and decided they were in the perfect place to give the young man a helping hand.


The unnamed hero and Warren waltzed into a shoe store at the mall, where Warren was told to pick out the pair he wanted most. Store employees captured the whole experience on their cameras.


They sized Warren for the perfect pair of running shoes to protect his already well worn feet from the hot Philippine pavement.


Warren picked out a pair of shiny, new tennis shoes, which he at first refused to wear out of the store for fear of getting robbed.


The stranger finally convinced Warren to wear his shoes with pride, snapped a picture with his new friend, then disappeared to his next business venture. The moment the foreigner left, 8 other people volunteered to buy Warren new clothes to go with his fresh kicks.


A Manila affiliate of CBS tried to reach the unnamed hero for comment, but he refused to be identified only hoping that others would follow his example of kindness.

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