Teachers Stunned To Discover Who Gave Boy These Marks (Photos)


Homework, schooling and parenthood can often result in stressful situations. Young children and teenagers can be moody, uncooperative and lazy when it comes to education. Teaching children the value of discipline and learning is an important part of being a parent. However, an unnamed woman from an unknown part of eastern China has used discipline as an excuse to commit horrifying abuse on her child.

The unidentified mother is a foster parent to a 9-year-old boy and is reported to be in her 50’s. It is unknown what circumstances prompted the boy to be taken away from his living biological parents. The boy was put into the foster system at the age of 5 and was taken in by the unnamed abusive woman at the age of 6. At some point in 2016, it is believed that the innocent boy was unable to finish his homework and when his mother discovered her son’s inability or laxity, she erupted in rage and violence. It is unclear how many days the violent abuse of the boy continued until he mentioned the cruel treatment to a teacher at school.

The teachers were horrified to discover the extent of the boy’s injuries, largely on his back and stomach. Chinese Police Officers were contacted and the Nanjing Morning Post reports that the abusive mother was detained by the regional authorities on grounds of ‘willful and malicious injury.’ The full range of abuse that the young boy had undergone were revealed when he was taken to a general-purpose clinic. The abusive foster mother violently beat the unidentified schoolboy by kicking him, belting him, hitting him with a scratching rod, branches and pipes along with using steam to burn the boy’s back and arms. Many of the horrific injuries have turned into scars on the young man’s back and will always remind him of the violent, unjust abuse that he suffered in a place that is supposed to be a loving and safe environment.

Source: Mirror
Photos: Mirror