Fifteen-Year-Old Puts DIYers Everywhere to Shame with Table Built in Shop Class That Has Hidden ‘Trick’

There used to just be This Old House with the great Bob Vila. Remember him?

Each week he’d be at some pretty cool home that was in need of repairs, and he’d spend an hour with the viewer showing them how that house could be transformed. It was educational, but it also gave you that feeling of “this is work for experts.”

That’s an idea that has gone by the wayside. The DIY ethic is alive and well.

Thanks to HGTV’s Property Brothers, Flip or Flop, Fixer Upper, and countless other shows, everyone has seemingly taken on the mantle of craftsman. Some of us are pretenders to the throne, but every now and again, someone comes up who even makes Bob Vila say “Wow.”

That “someone” is a 15-year old shop student who spent his time in class wisely. While many around him made boxes or birdhouses or a pencil holder, he built an infinity table!

Never heard of it? You’re not alone.

When you see what it is though, you’ll be trying to figure out where in your house one would fit. He shared the pictures of his progress online along with a few handy tips.

One of those tips was a sensible one — listen to your teacher. In this case, he shared that the teacher helped with the stain color. “This is the stain my teacher recommended,” he said, “and since he’s the boss, I listened. Really liked the natural color it gave and how it brought out the grain.”

The table is a standard-sized coffee table. What he did differently, though, was to use a two-way mirror as the top. He also added a strand of color-changing lights along the inside.

This means that when he flips on the lights, it looks like the top of the table stretches on forever. It’s like sitting with some dimensional portal holding your cold Shasta.

He started the project in his “Woods 1” class in January, and he finished it up in April. The total cost was $435 with the bulk of that in the mirror.

Pretty impressive don’t you think? So, what was your shop class triumph?