Mom Tells Son He’s Finally Cancer FREE. What He Does Next Brought Me To Tears

Little Ben has not been able to have a childhood like most other kids his age. When he was very young he was diagnosed with cancer, and he has spent the last 1,167 days – over three years – of his life fighting against it. Most of his memories include hospital visits and chemo treatments.

Recently, though, his mom got some very exciting news from Ben’s oncologist. A bone marrow biopsy came back negative for leukemia, meaning Ben is cancer free and can soon stop treatments and go back to having a normal childhood!

His mom came home after learning the test results and couldn’t wait to tell Ben. She called him downstairs and shared the big news – news that means that after one more chemo treatment at the hospital and one more month of nightly treatments, Ben will be DONE and able to go back to a normal life.

Ben’s reaction (as well as his brother’s reaction) to the news is priceless – you just have to see it for yourself! Click below to watch:

Ben will be totally done with treatment on July 5, 2016. We are so happy for this little guy and wish him the very best!

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