Father-In-Law Confesses To Killing Son’s Wife — Reason For Doing It Leaves Police Sick

A woman is dead after her father-in-law beat her to death with a hammer. The father-in-law, a quiet man, 63, who was living in the Bay area. The victim’s’ husband ran next door to ask a neighbor to call 911. The police were shocked when they arrived at the house to find the twenty-nine-year-old woman’s body in the family garage.

The man said he thought he was being disrespected. So, he killed her – with a hammer. Members of the man’s church and community never knew that there were problems at home. The woman left behind her husband and a two-year-old son. We need to learn to not overreact to situations. Watch the video to learn more about this tragic situation.

Take a look at this video

Counting to ten before you react is a good strategy. It gives you time to calm down before you do something rash.

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