Salvation Army Ringer Opens Bucket To Count Money, Jaw Drops When He Sees What’s Inside

While we should spread love, joy, peace, and happiness all year round, the holidays especially are a time for giving.

We can get caught up in the craziness of shopping for parties and gifts, but there is something that can quickly bring our minds back to what’s really important.

During the craziness of your day, you’ll pass by someone standing in the cold next to a red kettle. They’re ringing a golden bell and the sound carries on the wind.

As you pass by, you might not acknowledge The Salvation Army volunteer braving the elements to collect for the local needy. You might think to yourself, “I’ll give them a dollar or two on my way out.”

Being someone of your word, you indeed toss a few singles into the kettle as you exit the store. Perhaps you don’t give your act of charity another thought. It’s simply something you do during this time of year because you know your hard-earned money is going to a good cause. It will be used to help someone in your area.

But one compassionate shopper took the meaning of giving to a whole other level when they left a Fred Meyer grocery store in Portland, Oregon.

Volunteers got the shock of their lives when they started counting the day’s donations. In the mix of bills was a large wad of cash. They pulled out one hundred $100 bills – a total of $10,000!

“It’s incredible!” said Corps Officer for The Salvation Army, Captian Marcos Marquez.

All donations to The Salvation Army are appreciated and blessed, but they have been overwhelmed by this incredible and generous donation. It is the largest one of its kind in the Portland area!

“Whoever did this knows that good will come of it,” said Captain Marquez, “and while we do not know who put the money in the kettle since the money was all in cash, they should know that we are very grateful to have received such a generous donation.”

This year, those in need in the Portland area should count their blessings. Among them is one kind soul who took the time and had the heart to make their holiday season a little brighter.

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