If You Eat 2 Bananas Per Day For A Month, This Is What Happens To Your Body

Bananas are often called the complete food but most of the time they are so much underrated. It is easy not to take note of this yellow-skinned fruit because every now and then there’s some exotic fruit that is promoted as the next big health revolution.

The truth is that bananas are delicious super foods that provide your body with all the nutrients required for thriving.

They have almost all kinds of nutrients, vitamins, natural sugars (fructose and sucrose), and fibers. The adage for apple also applies to bananas too – “a banana day can keep the doctor away.”

Do you know that banana is the No.1 consumed food among Americans? More bananas are consumed in the U.S. every year than apples and oranges combined. So many people have a routine of buying a bunch of these fruits and eating them through the week. Initially, they will be greenish yellow in color and don’t have any spots. But with time they keep getting more and riper, and have brown spots. These spots become increasingly bigger and then cover the entire fruit.

Most of us think that brown bananas are rotten and don’t eat it. There’s nothing wrong with believing so because most of the fruits are going to become brown and then rot. But that is not the case with bananas. The riper they are the more dark patches they have, the more TNF they will have.

So what is TNF?

The riper your banana is the more of this cancer-fighting substance is found in it. TNF fights against the abnormal body cells. It is helpful in enabling communication between the cells of your immune response system. It also helps guide cell movement towards those body areas where there is infection or inflammation.

According to research studies, ripe bananas have TNF that obstructs the growth the tumor cells. It also inhibits the spread of tumor cells by inducing apoptosis (cell death). Along with this benefit, bananas also have high amounts of antioxidants. They help in strengthening your immune system and give a boost to your white blood cells count.

So if you see brown spots on your bananas, don’t throw them away. They are the best bananas to eat. You will get a mini-health boost along with an energy boost.

But the health benefits of bananas don’t just stop at fighting cancer. Here are the other top reasons for eating more bananas.


Bananas work as the anti-acid gift from nature. They offer great relief against acid reflux and heartburn. Take just a single banana and it will give you instant relief from heartburn symptoms and reduce them.

Blood Pressure

Bananas also help in lowering your high blood pressure. They are beneficial in protecting against heart attack and stroke by lowering sodium. Because of the high potassium levels, they are also great food for your heart.

Energy Storehouse

Take just 1-2 bananas before your exercise and you will get all the required energy for up to 1 hour. The minerals, vitamins, and low-glycemic carbs help in boosting your body’s endurance. The potassium in the fruit is great for preventing muscle cramps.

Fighting Anemia

If you have anemia, bananas provide your body with the essential dietary iron. This helps in stimulating the production of hemoglobin and red blood cells, thus strengthening your blood supply.

Fighting Ulcers

If you have stomach ulcers, you will not be allowed to eat different types of foods.  However, you can always enjoy bananas without worrying about pain. Bananas have soft and smooth texture that will coat your stomach’s lining. This helps in protecting the stomach from any kind of irritation or corrosive acids.

Fighting Depression

Bananas have a unique component called tryptophan that helps in overcoming depression. This component, when enters our body, gets transformed into serotonin, which is well known as a brain neurotransmitter. It makes you feel happier, more relaxed, and also boosts your mood. Bananas are also great in making you feel better.

Improving Constipation

If you are suffering from constipation, just take few bananas. The high fiber content will help in stimulating regular bowel movements. This is a natural way to get relief from constipation.

Help with PMS/Nerves

There are moments when you are too stressed or feel moody. Eat bananas and they will help in regulating your blood sugar levels. This is because of the high vitamin B content. These vitamins help in soothing your nervous system and making you feel relaxed. This helps in improving your overall mood.

Healthy Temperature Control

Bananas can also help in controlling your body temperature on those hot days. They can also help the same way when you have fever.

Source: supertastyrecipes.com