Cat’s Reaction To Father ‘Hitting’ Baby Quickly Goes Viral (Video)

While dogs have often been entrusted to defend their families and protect children, cats don’t always share the same reputation as loyal pets. One father proved this wrong by pretending to hit his baby — which prompted his cat to viciously attack him until he stopped.

The man videotaped himself tapping his child’s car seat, which held an infant, and repeating the words “naughty baby.” It doesn’t take long for the black cat to charge at his owner and claw his hand, reports the Mirror. When that fails to make the man stop “hitting” the baby, the feline takes drastic action by charging at his arm, digging his claws into his skin and physically forcing him off of the baby’s car seat.

The man wasn’t reportedly trying to hurt the baby, but had set this up with the intention of testing his cat’s reaction. The video clip has quickly gone viral and, much to the satisfaction of cat lovers, is being cited as proof that cats are safe pets to have around children and can even be protective of them.