Cat Grabs Orphaned Baby Rabbit, Stuns Everyone When She Adopts It As One Of Her Own.

Animals truly are amazing creatures. They can often surprise us with their unusual sensitivity to one another. But the love formed in the video below is nothing short of spectacular.

When Snaggle Puss the cat first met Bubbles the baby rabbit, it was love at first sight. But instead of following her usual feline instincts, Snaggle Puss decided to adopt the days-old rabbit as her own.


Coincidentally, Snaggle Puss had a litter of kittens the week before Bubbles hopped into her life… so when she met the warm little fur ball alone outside, she took him straight home to the family.


Bubbles naps and even nurses with the rest of Snaggle Puss’ kittens. Their relationship really is amazing.


We can all learn a little from Snuggle Puss and Bubbles.

Check out their adorable relationship in the video below! Share and spread a smile.