Don’t Put Grandma In A Nursing Home—These ‘Granny Pods’ Are The Perfect Alternative.

It’s always tough to move away from aging parents and living with the fear that if you’re not close to them, looking after them in their old-age, you may miss out on a chance to help them when they’re really in need.

Many people turn to nursing homes for help when parents get to a specific age—but there’s still a bit of uncertainty there because you can be a lot further from them than you hoped to ever be. So is there another solution to keep your loved ones closer to you?

You bet there is now, and it’s what are called, Granny Pods. These pods are fully equipped to with the  necessary technology and and amenities needed for old-aged citizens to live comfortably. And the best part is that these pods can be fixed right into the backyards of the caregiver. All of a sudden, things just got really convenient didn’t they?

The basic Granny Pod, referred to as the MEDCottage, is 12 by 24 feet, and has all double French doors to accommodate to those who are wheelchair bound as well. The size of the house may sound small, but it’s fully furnished to meet every need and is made keeping safety and security in mind.

Builders say that each unit comes with defibrillators, hand railings, first-aid supplies, and lighted floorboards.

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