He Didn’t Trust His Mom’s Nursing Home, So He Sets Up A Hidden Camera. What He Captures Is So Sad

Elder care facilities are supposed to be there for people who need help with their everyday lives. They need to be nurtured and taken care of based on their own needs. These residents are people too, and should be treated as such.

Recently at Camille Parent’s mother’s elder care facility there were incidents between his mother and other residents, which left her battered and bruised. At first he suspected it was just the other residents that were doing the damage to his mother. Then he learned the horrifying truth. This is absolutely terrifying and no one should ever have to deal with this.

He knew something was up when he saw the way his 85-year-old mother was constantly injured and bruised. She even had a black eye on more than one occasion. There was no way this was happening all of the time because of other residents. That is when he decided to plant a hidden camera in his mother’s room to find out what was really going on.

What he found was shocking, as he realized it was not just other residents who were abusing his mother, but actually her caretakers as well!

The video captured other residents going through his mother’s room and even taking her stuff, however this was not the shocking part of the hidden tapes. One staff member was caught blowing his nose on her sheets, then proceeded to make her bed with the same sheets!

The most devastating moment of the video footage was when one staff member sadly went as far as to physically abuse Camille’s mother, who was suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Camille is shocked at what he has seen and has gone as far as to show the video to the CEO of Saint Joseph’s. The CEO’s response to the video was:

“Based on what I see on the preliminary investigation, it is totally unacceptable and I will make sure that actions are taken to prevent any such abuse in the future.”

“I think it was disgusting,” said Lynn MacDonald, the scientific director or the National Initiative for the Care of the Elderly. “I think it was an obscenity what they did to that woman, and if it had been a child or a younger middle-aged person, they would have never gotten away with it.”

Watch the video below to watch the shocking events below and tell us what you think of this tragedy in the comments.