Student Sneaks Into High School At Night, Pulls Down Bathroom Mirrors & Replaces Them With These Signs.

Laguna Beach High School recently held a spirit week with an unconventional theme: “What if…”

Every day during the spirit week, the school posed a different question to the student body. One day, the questions was simple: “What if we showed more love?” 17-year-old student Sabrina Astle responded to the question by surprising both her fellow students and the administration with a little “bathroom remodeling.


Since Sabrina was a part of the campus “Kindness Club,” she was already accustomed to thinking of ways to better serve her peers. So– in answer to the question “What if we showed more love?”– Sabrina came up with a brilliant idea… to replace all the bathroom mirrors with signs bearing messages of affirmation.


During spirit week, Sabrina went to the school in the night and put her plan into action in order to surprise her classmates the next morning.


Sabrina had noticed her peers looking in the mirror and finding nothing but self-criticism there. But now all anyone sees is love.


“The signs have helped people remember that everyone is beautiful, everyone is important, everyone is good enough and everyone should be treated equally,” said Sabrina. “I did this because I am passionate about the fact that everyone is important and everyone needs to be cared for.”

Although the signs were originally posted as part of the spirit week “What if…” challenge, the school has no plans to take them down. The administration said the response to Sabrina’s project hsa been overwhelmingly positive.

“I didn’t think I was doing anything that would impact anyone,” Sabrina said. “I thought it may brighten their day or lift their confidence before their next class, but I didn’t think it would make this large of an impact.”

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