Dad Takes Picture With His Daughters In Car, Then A Man Pops Up In The Back Seat

s the Richter family hopped into their minivan and headed off on spring break for some fun in the sun, the kids and mom had no clue that a huge surprise was awaiting them. Erik, the patriarch of the family, had hidden the surprise in the back of the van. He knew they would be shocked when the surprise was revealed.

While they were preparing to back out of the driveway, Erik positioned his phone to snap a quick picture of the family kicking off their trip. Everyone leaned in together, waiting, but Erik had accidentally – on purpose – pushed the button on his cell phone to record instead of taking a photo. His teenage daughter pointed this out and Erik pretended to act surprised at his blunder. But Erik kept recording because the surprise was about to reveal itself.

Then Erik hollered at a sibling in the back who needed to move in a little bit more for their picture, so his face could be seen. It was a sibling who originally was unable to accompany them on spring break because he’s an active duty Marine. He slowly lifts his head and then they realize he’s been behind them the entire time. Watch the siblings and mom as they realize U.S. Marine Lance Cpl. Rowan Richter was hiding in the back.