Couple Stumbles Upon 8 Rusty Tin Cans In Their Backyard, Open Them Up And Instantly Start Shaking

Children have a tendency to chase rainbows. First of all there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it, rainbows are a spectacle to behold that Mother Nature has given the world. Secondly, there’s the old belief that a leprechaun will stash their pot of gold at the end, meaning if you can make it before the rainbow disappears then you’ve got a chance at becoming exceedingly rich without having to put any real effort in. Plus, the chase was always kind of fun anyway!

As you grow older and you learn more about why rainbows come about that chase becomes less exciting and at one point or another you just stop doing it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find your own pot of gold on the ground, as one Northern California couple recently discovered.

While walking through an all too familiar section of forest one day they noticed something a little odd sticking out of the ground. It appeared to be a rusted out tin can, something that definitely should have been thrown away. Upon further investigation they learned it wasn’t something belonging to the trash at all, it belonged in a museum!

The tin can was filled to the brim with gold coins dating from 1847-1894, all from the glorious gold rush era. Fortunately for them they immediately knew they’d stumbled upon something quite special and decided to search the same area a little more thoroughly than the quick glance that originally grabbed their attention. They found more cans containing even more gold coins, around 1,400 in total. The initial estimate left them flabbergasted, it was looking as though they were about to be $10 million more well off than they were before the finding! Talk about a lucky day…

When they went to get the coins appraised they learned some of the rarer coins were likely to sell for a million a piece, meaning that initial estimate was a little more off than just $10 million. What’s even better, they decided to go ahead and pay off a few of their bills, but the remainder of the millions are headed straight to local charities to benefit not only themselves, but their entire community as well.

The couple does wish to remain anonymous, and I don’t really think anyone could blame them for that. Could you imagine what would happen? Even unknowingly some people would have been attempting to get closer to the couple in attempts to get a piece of the proverbial pie. It’s a cruel mistress.