Dad Abandons New Daughter On Dirt Road, Then Looks In Rearview Mirror & Everything Changes.

We’ve seen some incredibly moving examples of people giving puppies as gifts. There was this sweet little girl who waited 7 years to get a puppy and then had the most grateful reaction when she finally got one. Then there was the grandmother who was caught on camera weeping over the pet puppy her family surprised her with.

Those were both tear-jerking examples of doggy gift-giving gone right. Both of the new pet-owners in those videos knew what they were getting into and were ready for the responsibilities that come with being a dog-owner.

But what about when giving a dog as a gift goes wrong?


In the short film below, a man goes to adopt a little girl. At first, his family welcomes the girl with open arms and absolutely adores her. But then they start to get busy and they ignore the girl. When she gets into some mischief, the parents decide she needs to go.

They dump the poor little child on a dirt road and leave her behind. Someone else’s problem.

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