Curious Goldendoodle Sniffs Mysterious Birthday Gift, But When Parents Open Box He Freaks Out!

At InspireMore, we’ve seen dogs befriend every sort of creature. But as far as friendship is concerned, all that one adorable Goldendoodle– named Rhett Barkley– has ever wanted was a puppy of his very own. The fluffy pup would sit alone for hours, musing on what his life was missing, until one day his parents decided to do something adorable for him.

On that long-awaited day, Rhett’s Mom called Rhett in from outside, and he immediately knew something amazing was about to happen.



Sitting in the middle of the carpeted living room was a brightly-wrapped box that had Rhett’s name all over it.


Mom slowly opened the box so Rhett could get a peek inside… and what do you know!


It was his very own puppy, a golden retriever named Scarlett.


Rhett couldn’t quite believe his luck at first, but the moment the duo stepped outside he couldn’t contain his excitement.


In the video below, Rhett has the most adorable reaction to his puppy surprise. Check it out! It may just be the cutest thing you see all day.

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