How to construct the perfect BBQ


Here’s a tutorial on how to construct the perfect BBQ for your backyard. One of the reasons why I love summer so much is the fact that I can host as many get-togethers as I want. My husband and I get to socialize with our friends and neighbors, while our children get to play with other kids their age in the safety of our backyard. And, of course, I often do tiny makeovers to our BBQ area and seating sets so that our guests (as well as my family) won’t feel dull and tired by the same old scenery. Earlier this month my husband decided that it was high time we bought a new BBQ because we had to throw away our old one, which used to serve us pretty well up until recently. However, instead of buying a new one, we actually constructed our own BBQ – the perfect BBQ! We followed a tutorial posted on It took us one weekend to finish the project, but the final result looks even more amazing that the one posted on Instructables’ website, because we personalized it according to our preferences. The kids also took part in our little DIY project by selecting the color schemes. We still had to buy a small BBQ in order to attach it to the frame, but it came out much cheaper than a bigger barbecue would have costed. We already tried it out and it works perfectly! Now all we have to do is show it off on our next backyard get-together party.
If you’re into DIY projects, you love BBQ and you’re looking for something creative, entertaining and useful to craft, I strongly suggest you take a look at the original tutorial posted on Instructables.