This DIY Lamp Combined With Action Figures Is Totally Epic


What is better than a Green Lantern? A superhero lamp!! See what I did there? (Of course anything is better than that Green Lantern movie. Way to make up for it later Ryan Reynolds.) Anyway, take a look at this fabulous idea for your kidos’ bedrooms. Or your husband’s man cave. Or even that room you secretly decorated with avengers posters for yourself. Nerd!

This idea from Bored Panda is … uh super. It is so simple it’s brilliant. Pick up some cheap action figures anywhere you can find them. Try the dollar store. Super glue them to a lamp. Prime it. Paint it. Voila! You have the coolest lamp in your neighborhood. Why not?! The Greeks and Romans decorated with statues of their heroes. We Americans can decorate with the super version. It’s cool to be a geek about our favorite superheroes now.