Bride Walks Away From Groom While At Alter, Keep Your Eyes On Her Hands (Video)


When a bride from Dublin, Georgia, stepped back from the altar and let go of her groom’s hand, what she did next surprised everybody.

While planning her wedding, Brittany Winegarner knew she wanted to do something special to surprise her groom, Evan.

According to Little Things, Brittany planned an elaborate surprise to “sing” a song in sign language that means a lot to both of them.

In the YouTube video’s description, Winegarner explained: “I perform a special song for my husband as a surprise during our wedding! We both have a love and passion for the ASL language and this was used as a form of worship during our wedding.”

Brittany says that early on in the couple’s engagement, she hired Nathan Roberts, a sign language expert to teach her the language and the song for her wedding. She says she planned a “fabricated lie” in order to ensure that Evan was fully surprised by the moment. He was told only that there would be live music performed at some point during the ceremony by a singer-songwriter.

“We listed it in the program that way and I even had him perform it at our rehearsal to make Evan believe it,” Brittany explained in a Facebook post.

Leading up to the couple’s wedding, Brittany spent hours and hours practicing her performance.

As you can see in the video, the hours of practice paid off. Evan was shocked by Brittany’s surprise performance. The groom was brought to tears, as were many of the couple’s family and friends.

Watch the beautiful moment here.

Sources: LittleThings, Brittany Winegarner/YouTube / Photo credit: Brittany Winegarner/YouTube