Parents Notice Child Started Acting Strange, So They Watch Nanny Cam. Leads To Utter Nightmare

For any parent that’s ever worried about a babysitter watching their child or dropping their son or daughter off at daycare and putting them in someone else’s care, this nanny cam video footage is absolutely shocking.

Mom Tiffany Fields secured a caregiver for her 4-year-old son Luke, using an agency in Lexington, Kentucky. They needed special care for their son, who has Down syndrome, epilepsy, and a heart defect, and needs constant supervision.

 The family hired Lillian White to care for their child one day a week, but over time, noticed that Luke’s behavior changed after she started babysitting. Trusting her gut, Fields installed a nanny cam to get an idea of what her son’s caregiver was doing while mom and dad were away.The parents captured a horrific scene as White, clearly unaware that she was being recorded, was both verbally and physically abusive to their son.

The footage revealed that White was abusive, to the point of dragging the child around, yelling obscenities at him, and sitting on his chest during a diaper change. A clip from the surveillance footage was shown in this story on WKYT and it is very disturbing.

The Fields set up the camera for a week, showed the footage to authorities, and White was promptly arrested and charged with second degree criminal abuse of a child. She plead not guilty, if you can believe it.

The Fields family’s attorney shared the reason they set up the camera, noting: “Luke had always been a very loving child, had always been the type of child that liked to be held by his mother. Suddenly, all of that changed and that caused Tiffany to become very concerned.”

 This incident prompted Kentucky lawmaker Dennis Keene to push to pass a bill called Sophie’s Law, which creates a system that registers convicted child abusers, following the case of 4-month-old Sophie Diaz, who was hospitalized after being abused by a babysitter.Further, the Fields’ lawyer was investigating whether White’s employer, the health care services agency Caretenders, could also be held accountable.

This incident was a parent’s worst nightmare, but is an eye opening reminder that hiring a childcare professional for your son or daughter should involve finding licensed providers and talking with others who have used their services.

As you’d expect, commenters on this YouTube video were shocked and disgusted by this woman’s behavior, with one noting: “How can anyone do this against a innocent kid like that,” with another stating, “This is proof she did this, she should be locked in jail for life or executed. Just don’t let her breed.” One succinct comment summed it up well: “she is evil.”

Another commented: “One thing I don’t understand. What kind of person wants to defend her? I mean… I understand it’s a job, but CMON! You are defending someone who obviously don’t deserve to be “saved.’”

One childcare professional noted: “As a retired nanny of special-needs children, this video made me cry. What a horrible way to treat anyone, much less a defenseless child!”