Boy loses his dad to cancer, breaks down in tears when he sees the surprise outside his house


Losing a parent at any age is incredibly difficult but it’s even tougher when you’re still young. As a little boy, your dad is your biggest hero: he teaches you everything and serves as your role model for how to be a man. No one understands that pain more than Jett and Jace Kellogg, who recently lost their dad Boe to cancer. While it takes a lot of extra love to begin to heal after such a tragedy, Fox Five News’s Surprise Squad was up to the challenge.
As anchor Monica Jackson says right off the bat: “Don’t even try to hold back the tears. This one is going to get you.”

Even though Jace is only 10 years old, he has an extreme dream to one day be a bull rider like his dad.“It gets your adrenaline going,” he says. “I love the sport because my dad did it and I look up to him.” As Jace talks about his father, it’s hard for him not to relive the pain of the loss. “I still get emotional about it,” he says through tears.
After hearing the boys’ heartbreaking story, the Surprise Squad decides to pull out all the stops and to offer them something unforgettable to help cheer them up. Early in the interview, the boys reveal their love of PBR (Professional Bullriding) and their admiration of superstar rider J.B. Mauney, the reigning world champion. As Jackson leads them outside, Jace and Jett can’t believe their eyes.

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A caravan pulls up with three bulls to the delight of the two boys, though the biggest surprise is still yet to come. From the back of the caravan, out steps Mauney himself with yet another surprise in his hand—though we’ll let readers discover that one for themselves.
Watching the two young Kellogg boys interact with a hero of theirs is sure to warm even the hardest of hearts. Of the interaction, Mauney can only smile. “You’ll be seeing him a lot more in a couple years,” he says.

Without spoiling anything, the Surprise Squad were able to grant Jett and Jace the surprise of a lifetime as a tribute to their late father. By the end of the video, there’s not a dry eye in sight—even among the anchors.
Stories like this remind us of the power of love, specifically between fathers and sons. Although their dad Boe is gone, this video is proof that his love will never leave them. Through their generosity towards the Kellogg family, all we can say is Fox News Five’s Surprise Squad has struck again. Oh, and don’t mind us—we’ll just be over here, crying into our keyboards.Catch the video below and be sure to check out Fox Five’s other surprise attacks on their channel!