Baby Discovered In Shallow Grave, Then Things Take A More Horrifying Turn (Photo)


A baby was found alive in a shallow grave in South Africa after being left for dead by his mother three days prior.

The baby boy was discovered by the mother’s co-workers at a timber factory in the KwaZulu-Natal Province of South Africa, the Daily Mail reported.

The woman’s colleagues heard the baby crying and found the infant in a makeshift grave near a warehouse. The child was reportedly buried alive by his mother three days before being found.

The mother told police she left her child in the grave because she was afraid her parents would not approve of her having a second baby. She reportedly took sand and wood from the factory in which she worked to create the grave.

The woman, who is 25 years old, confessed to police what she had done. Her name has not been released at this time.


“They searched and found him hidden underneath some timber, covered in sand,” Capt. Gerald Mfeka said in a statement. “On hearing the commotion, the mother confessed that the child was hers. Her explanation was that she was afraid of her parents.

“This was her second child, the elder one being four years old, and she felt her parents would not approve of another baby.”

The child was placed in an intensive care unit at a nearby hospital. The baby boy’s mother was also taken to the hospital for unknown reasons.

The mother has since been released from the hospital, and it is unknown at this time whether she will be facing any criminal charges or whether she will maintain custody of her baby.

Social media users took to Facebook to express their outrage.

“Please please God [see to it] that baby is taken into care, and the mother gets help she desperately needs,” wrote one commenter. “She is not in her right mind and is not capable of looking after that child.”

“Lost for words and failing to understand how a human can carry out such a action,” wrote another. “Hope this child finds a family and grows up with much love.”

“How can anyone be so heartless and evil to do this to a little baby … the poor little thing didn’t ask to be brought into this world there is many people who would give anything to have a baby but can’t,” commented another.

“This is nothing short of a miracle he survived,” wrote another user. “What a sick person to do this. I’m sure someone would have been happy to adopt him.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Daily Mirror/Facebook / Photo credit: Eli Duke/Flickr, CEN via Daily Mail