Mix These 2 Ingredients and Say Goodbye to Sinusitis, Phlegm, Flu, Rhinitis and More

The head can suffer from many illnesses, especially during winter time, including sinusitis, cold, flu, phlegm, and rhinitis.

The most common of these is sinusitis that represents inflamed and swollen sinuses, triggered by an allergic, bacterial, fungal, and viral infection. The most frequent symptoms of this condition are thick nasal mucus, headaches, cough, congestion, clogged nose, fatigue, and facial pain.

To resolve this health issue, there is no need to over the counter drugs and antibiotics. You can simply turn to the natural remedies and learn how to deal with this unpleasant condition once and for all:

The two ingredient recipe to cure sinusitis, phlegm, flu, rhinitis and others:


  • 1 medium-sized ginger root
  • 200 ml/ 6.7 oz. Apple cider vinegar


First, grate the ginger and mix it with 2 dl. apple cider vinegar in a glass bowl. Pour mix in a glass jar and seal with a lid well. Store and keep it at a room temperature for ten days. Shake the remedy occasionally so you get best effects.


To get the most favorable effects, place head over the jar and cover it with a towel. Start inhaling the mix’s aroma. Proceed for 5-10 min. Next, before going to bed, take a handkerchief, soak it in the mixture and place it on your neck.  Let the cloth sit overnight.

Repeat therapy for a couple of days until you witness positive effects.

And you are dealing with sinusitis, here is a second ginger recipe that will help you with it:

First, boil 50 grams of ginger root. Remove from heat and inhale with a towel over your head. The ginger spiciness will relieve the sinuses and help you with congestion problems.

Nothing works better than natural cures, so we strongly advise you to try these two recipes before anything prescribed.

Source: www.healthylifebyte.com