Are you the ‘password child’? New viral test that proves which kid is your parents’ favorite

The “password child” TikTok theory is here to crush your dreams of being your parents’ favorite… and, more importantly, ‘winning’ over your siblings.

The viral trend puts forward a compelling theory that will help you figure out who your parent’s favorite child is based on their online passwords.

Prepare to feel personally attacked and impressed at the same time.

The password detail that gives it away

The theory has been presented by influencer Alex Griswold and his wife Melissa, who describe themselves as “your favorite internet parents.”

Alex Griswold
TikToker Alex Griswold ignited a viral trend where people try to determine if they are their parents’ “password child.”
Alex Griswold
A “password child” is the child whose name that parents use for passwords on apps like Netflix.

Password child
One user commented that they’re an only child and still not the password child.

Taking to his TikTok account, Griswold posted the video which has now been viewed over 1.5 million times.

In response to a user’s question asking, “Which one of you is the password child,” he explained the phenomenon to his viewers.

“Okay, so the password child is like when you’re trying to watch your parent’s Netflix, but it’s logged out.

“So then you ask ‘what’s the password’ and then they say your name or one of your sibling’s names, and then whose ever name that is, is the favorite child.”

Many people took to the comments to share their thoughts on the concept as well as their own experiences.

One person said: “I’m an only child and I’m not even the password child…”