7 great reasons to fart without holding back. Number 3 is surprising!


Farting is one of those subjects that never gets talked about unless it’s part of a joke. Farting is associated with humor and embarrassment. And the act of farting is usually followed up by a not-so-pleasant smell! But, it is totally normal. The human body needs to expel some excess gas and out it goes! Farting actually is a telling sign of what is going on individually with our bodies. Check out these super interesting facts on farting!

1. An early warning signal

Be grateful for your farts as they can signal early warning signs for a number of health issues. If the stench is rank, the frequency is often or if there is pain in your tooting, then these can be signs of health dangers. Hit up your doctor and have things checked out if these conditions persist.


2. They reduce bloating

Part of that bloating feeling is that buildup of gas. This is from your body storing excess water, and your intestines end up producing excess gas. This happens after consuming a huge meal. Let loose a toot and your stomach bloating should experience relief!


3. The stench is good for you

What? Yep, sniffing up your own stanky farts is supposedly good for you as the ingredients can actually shield you from harmful disease due to the hydrogen sulfide. This is the chemical that provides that lovely rotten egg smell to some of your more nasty farts. High doses of this chemical, and things turn poisonous! But small amounts can protect your cells. This can prevent heart attack and stroke!


4. It can help sort out your nutritional needs

Nutrition is key to good health. Farts can guide you towards good nutrition, by telling you what is missing from your diet. So basically, different types of food, can provide different types of gas. This in turn can tell you if you are eating too much, or too little, of something. Not much gas lately? Probably you are lacking fiber, such as whole grains, green vegetables, and lentils. Bad smellin’ gas? Probably too much red meat!


5. Farts are a sign of healthy bacteria

Turns out thin people actually fart like crazy, and in turn are more happy. Crazy, but it makes sense as they are the ones who usually eat a lot of fiber as well as fruits and vegetables, which stimulate digestion, giving it more practice, leading to more gas output.


6. It’s healthy for your intestines

Ever been told to hold your farts in? Kind of not healthy! Now and again, not a big deal. But if you are always holding in your gas, intestinal activity can be affected. This can lead to painful cramping. Instead, find an isolated corner, relax and let your rectal turbulence rip!


7. It just feels good

Cutting the cheese is a good feeling, let’s admit it. It’s also very humorous and who doesn’t need a good chuckle. So just let ‘er rip and enjoy the humor. Revel in the good vibes of letting a loud one rip!


Phew! Awesome news, right? No more feeling guilty for burping out the wrong end ever again!