5 Things You Should Never Ever Do To Your Private Part!!! (No.4 Is the Biggest Mistake Most Girls Do)

The vagina is an erogenous zone that is very fragile so that its internal flora can be altered before any abnormal situation. That is why both you and your partner must perform certain care to avoid damaging the health of your vagina.

Recently, the newspaper Excelsior published a study carried out by specialists of the Mayo Clinic in which all the precautions that have to be taken into account so that the vagina works correctly, are explained. In this article we will share with you which are those habits that you must avoid so that you avoid appearance of fungi, irritations or infections in the vaginal zone. You must read this and learn how to take proper care of your vaginal flora.


You may already know that wearing intimate protectors every day or wearing periodically adjusted thongs can cause severe damage to the health of the vagina. But you probably do not know that there are other habits that can also favor the reproduction of fungi or the appearance of infections in the vaginal area.

Continue reading and take note of what we will tell you below. This will completely change the health of your vagina.


You must be very careful when cleaning your vagina since, as mentioned above, it is a very sensitive organ. In this sense, while you must maintain hygiene, you need to avoid performing an intimate shower too deep.

It is best to perform a shallow shower since the cervical mucus is responsible for taking care of and cleaning that area. In fact, a deep cleansing with soaps and sprinkles could affect the pH of the vagina causing infection or bad smell.


Lately it has become fashionable to dye the hair of the vaginal area with extravagant colors. But before doing this you need to know that this is very harmful to the health of the vagina as the tinctures have corrosives that affect the skin of that area.


Depilating with creams is very simple, but in exchange for the time you gain in doing so you should know that you are damaging the vaginal area because the depilatory creams contain a lot of chemicals that generate irritation, itching or burning.


It is often believed that to maintain a rich odor in the vaginal area it is best to apply perfumes and flavorings. However, often the opposite happens because these products alter the functioning of cervical mucus and do not let it work properly. In addition, the use of tampons, condoms or intimate flavored wipes causes allergic reactions, redness and itching.


Both are extremely dangerous because they are a very important infectious focus. Before thinking about aesthetics, think about your health.

Follow these tips to maintain proper vaginal function. Most importantly, you should see a specialist doctor if you notice signs that are strange to you, because they can tell you what is the right treatment for your case.

Avoid doing the habits we mentioned and we guarantee you that you will have a healthier vagina than ever.

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