Legendary Actress Now Looks Unrecognizable, Admits To Being ‘Miserable’ And Flat Broke (Photos)

A celebrity website recently spent a day with Shelly Duvall on her ranch in Texas, providing a glimpse into the former actress’ troubled life.

Duvall, 67, is largely unrecognizable today. During their time together, Radar Online reports that Duvall chain-smoked, spoke about aliens and confessed to having no money.

“I’m miserable here,” she said. “I really don’t want to die like this.”

Concern for Duvall’s mental health was first prompted by a controversial interview she did with Phil McGraw on his “Dr. Phil” talk show in November 2016. During the discussion, Duvall indicated that she feared people were trying to hurt her and that she believes comedian Robin Williams is still alive, according to Variety.

“During our interview, Shelley was either avoiding all of the questions or was in and out of contact with reality,” McGraw told the show’s audience.

The segment was broadcast despite accusations that McGraw was exploiting Duvall’s condition. Following the interview, Duvall was taken to a mental health facility in Malibu, where she reportedly stayed for three days while refusing medication.

When asked by Radar Online if she was receiving treatment, Duvall was dismissive.

“What do you mean, treatment?” she said. “I don’t think plucking my hair out of my head is good treatment.”

“They are trying to drug me at the grocery,” she added.

Duvall proceeded to reveal that she had been “imprisoned” recently in a mental hospital.

“I was put in a facility,” she said. “It was very subtle. They didn’t say ‘You’re a prisoner,’ but you can’t get out. My mother drove me there, crying and begging me to spend just one night at this place.”

“I’m not happy,” she added. “I feel like a prisoner here. Yes, I am. And I don’t want to be. There are too many places in the world to be a prisoner in the United States.”

Duvall, known for her role in “The Shining,” says her only source of income is a monthly social security check of $1,660, according to Radar Online. She lives with Dan Gilroy, her partner of 27 years. The two moved to Texas from Los Angeles in 1994.

“I have no money,” she admitted. “I’ve made five TV series and a whole bunch of movies, and I have nothing.”

Duvall says Hollywood is to blame for her financial difficulties.

“I just want to get my fu*****money,” she said. “That’s all I want. My profits. I called CBS/Fox Video, and I said, ‘How much money did y’all make on distributing?’ [They said] $18 million net profit. I saw none. I was like, ‘Holy s***.’”

Sources: Radar Online, Variety / Photo credit: Inside Edition via Travelers Today, Radar Online, Movie Pilot