21-Year-Old Dad Of 10 Mouths Off To Judge Judy – She Destroys Him

When you enter the courtroom of Judge Judy, it’s a pretty good idea to keep your ‘tude thoroughly in check. Many have made the mistake of attempting to verbally dance with the no-nonsense authority figure, and the end result is that they end up walking away with their tails tucked between their legs once their segments are over. However, some folks still insist on being belligerent, and that provides us with clips that are the equivalent of social media gold.

As AWM shares, we have our latest entry into that category, courtesy of a 21-year-old man that recently appeared on the show. The chap’s claim to fame is that he has already fathered 10 children by a number of different women. Judge Judy was pretty incredulous at this revelation, and a heated back and forth ensued.

“Why do you have ten children?” she asked.

“I love kids,” he replied.

That reply is not passing the muster for the judge. The amorous young man is appearing in her court over a row about stolen goods, and it’s noted that he benefits from public assistance due to his prolific reproduction habits.

“I mean you actually MADE ten children, participated in the making of ten children? How old are your children?” Judge Judy asks.

The man fumbles around searching for an answer, and that leads Judy’s blood to boil even further.

“I know that this is not really germane but it blows my mind. With how many different women do you have these ten children?” she continued.

An ill-fated attempt at comedy ensues, and that’s when things get really heated.

“Let me explain something to you, fresh mouth. I’m the only one who makes jokes,” the judge exclaims.

“This might be your show, but this is my episode,” the father-of-ten replies.

That last statement would prove to be his ultimate undoing, as he receives a memorable tongue lashing from Judge Judy. You’ll definitely want to check out this little gem to see how it all unfolds.

Source: AWM
Photos: AWM