Woman Furious After Police Officer Gives Her Big Dose Of Reality

A Houstonian named Ariane Daughtry made a trip to the police station to file a complaint about rudeness from an officer, and managed to have some offensive “humor” removed from a public office at the same time.

Daughtry was upset because she believed a local deputy used “abusive” language in a recent interaction with her. That’s why Daughtry went into the Harris County Precinct 4 station to file a complaint. However, when she approached the reception desk, the woman was shocked by a sign on the receptionist’s desk that seemed rude to her.

Clearly intended as a joke, the sign said: “If you have a complaint, press the red button.” The joke was the red button was inside a picture of a mousetrap.

Daughtry, however, took offense at the mild humor. “I was highly offended,” Daughtry explained how she felt when she read the sign. “Highly offended and very intimidated,” she went on.

Although her complaint fell on deaf ears at the time, Daughtry started an online campaign. As the negative PR for the county started to pile up, the deputies wisely took the sign down and issued an apology and mea culpa.

However, activist Quanell X told the local media that the Houston community should not have had to bring the “inappropriate” sign to the attention of authorities as the Sheriff’s department should have known better than to put up that kind of joke at the reception desk.

Of note, Daughtry also followed up on her complaint against the deputy for “abusive language,” but said she was worried about doing so.

“How many people have seen this and felt I’m not going? They don’t know the repercussions,” she said to the media, also claiming the intimidating sign has probably stopped many other people from complaining, which is not the way things should be run in an organization that is supposed to work for the public.

Source: Mad World News
Photos: Mad World News