Young Man Rushes To Save Stranger Choking To Death, Dash Cam Captures Heroic Rescue.

Driving around in traffic, you may glance over to the car next to you and see someone singing to their music, on their phone, or quickly looking away after you both make awkward eye contact with each other. But one snowy day, Good Samaritan, Pavel Fesyuk of Rochester, New York, didn’t see any of those ordinary things while he was driving. What he did see, caused him to immediately pull his car over.

Fesyuk who works for Town and Country Pest Solutions Inc. was driving and saw a man hunched over outside of his car in traffic, he knew that something wasn’t right. His keen sense of awareness wasn’t mistaken — the man standing outside of the car was choking and on the verge of dying. The company truck’s dash cam recorded what happened next.

“I kind of saw, as he was hunched over, there was no one in the driver (seat),” Fesyuk told ABC News. “So I’m like, that has to be the driver.”

“But as I pulled closer,” he continued, “you could see he was hunched over for a reason.”

Pavel sprung into action, jumping out of his car to go pat the man on the back, but it didn’t help. Then he performed the Heimlich maneuver trying desperately to help the man regain breath.

“Grabbed him, a couple thrusts, and then he ended up saying he swallowed whatever it was,” Fesyuk recounted the event.

The two men bonded after the scary situation that could have ended tragically. The choking man mentioned that several cars already passed by and didn’t help, but luckily for him Pavel was at the right place at the right time.

Pavel says his training in mixed martial arts came in handy, but that his faith was why he knew he had to jump in and help.

“We’re a Christian family, so we tend to do things for others, or we’re supposed to. ‘Do unto others,’ the Golden Rule,” said Fesyuk.

Way to go Pavel Fesyuk! You’re a true life-saving, Good Samaritan!

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Source:13 WHAM