Son Comes Home Early To Surprise His Father And Then Something Shocking and Unexpected Happened. No One Expected This!!!

Like any adventurous young person, George Pike badly wanted to travel abroad and experience all this world has to offer. George planned to spend a few years overseas… but his plan did not go as expected.

George left home days after his father, 70, recieved hip replacement surgery. His father contracted a minor infection post op, but George assumed his dad would heal up in no time. Though George was living and working in Australia, he made an effort to skype with his father daily…after 9 months away it became more and more obvious to George that he needed to return home and care for his dad.

And so, with the help of his brother, George managed to give his dad the surprise of a lifetime. He had his younger brother pick him up from the airport and take him straight to dad’s house.

George’s brother walked in first while the long absent George came in behind unannounced.

George went to shake his dad’s hand but noticed his dad didn’t recognize him. It took a moment for the reality of the situation to set in, but something finally clicked in Dad’s mind and he jumped up to hug his son, despite the pain in his hip.

Get ready for the waterworks. The emotional reunion is one for the ages! Check it out in the video below.