Woman Who Killed Kim Jong Un’s Brother Had A Special Message Written On Her Shirt

One of the suspects arrested in connection with the murder of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s half-brother was seen wearing an “LOL” shirt.

Doan Thin Hoang, 28, has been identified as one of the two suspects involved in the fatal poisoning of Kim Jong Nam at Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Fox News reported. She was seen on surveillance video wearing a shirt that read: “LOL.”

Malaysian police said on Feb. 15 they arrested the woman, who had Vietnamese travel documents, at the airport in connection with Kim’s death, Newser reported.

Jong Nam reportedly told airline workers he was sprayed in the face with a chemical shortly before he lost consciousness. Other reports suggest a needle may have also been used.

The two suspects are believed to be North Korean agents. They targeted Jong Nam while he waited for his flight to Macau, China.

The 45-year-old estranged half-brother was pronounced dead shortly after being rushed to a nearby hospital. The second suspect is still at-large.

Thin Hoang’s exact role in Jong Nam’s murder is still unclear at this time.

Sources: Fox NewsNewser / Photo Credit: Fox 2 Now, Twitter via Heavy