Here’s The Disturbing Video From Inside A Walmart That Everyone’s Talking About

For some teenagers, making good decisions is not necessarily a strength. When these teens are in a group of their peers, the decision-making shortcomings can be exacerbated as they go along with the crowd. Unfortunately, the crowd is sometimes up to no good, and that can lead to a ton of trouble for the teens – and potentially others. As you’ll see in this stunning video, that’s exactly what happened when about two dozen teens thought it would be a fabulous idea to wreak havoc inside of the local Walmart.

As AWM shares, the stunning incident went down in Macon, Georgia, and it appeared that the teens’ sole mission was to cause as much carnage as possible. It looks like their mission was accomplished, as they tore through the store and vandalized anything they could get their hands on. The frightening scene went on for a few minutes before they took off, and the video has gained a ton of traction on social media.

“Walmart needs to teach a lesson to “their customers”. Close for a month and lay off his employees (their relatives) why they don’t be alert outside when they see a lottery of punks outside, why don’t close the doors, why don’t they call the police, why don’t call their employers to stop them, many questions without answers…” shared one user.

“I work at this store and I was about to be going to my 2am lunch break and saw it all happen. Ya’ll can argue all the live long day but at least you didn’t have to f***in clean it up lmao,” shared another.

Remarkably, many commenters are pointing the finger at store management as the ones responsible for the teenagers’ unruly behavior. While it certainly sounds like they could have done a better job getting a handle on the situation, the responsibility for the carnage lies with the teenagers and their guardians, who obviously need to step it up on instilling the importance of good decision making and simply coming home when the crowd is up to no good.

Source: AWM
Photo: AWM