Vaseline Hacks You Can Start Using Today


Vaseline. What was it’s original purpose? According to Wikipedia, the most reliable website on the internet, it was a medicine chest staple and cure-all. It was meant to be a skin protectant and used for cosmetic purposes. Interesting. What can we use it for today? The same but so much more! This video from Jumble Joy has 5 Vaseline hacks that you will love!

Vaseline can be used to open stuck containers, help you get the perfect manicure, give you super soft skin, help protect your ears when wearing irritating earrings, and can make your perfume last longer. Those all sound like good things too me! Watch the video to get the details on each one.

Here are 16 other practical uses for petroleum jelly, a.k.a. Vaseline. Interesting. I never knew it could be used for so much! Maybe I should go buy some?! Here is another roundup from One Good Thing By Jillee that has 57 uses for it. I definitely should go buy some.