Use A Muffin Tin To Make Delicious Mini Omelettes


I haven’t eaten breakfast yet this morning and I am regretting that decision right about now. After seeing these yummy single serve muffin tin omelettes I am famished! I want to share a secret with you…how to have the perfect mix and proportions of ingredients and fluffy eggs every time in your omelettes. You’re welcome!

It would be great to make these on Sunday and then grab one or two as you’re running out the door on Monday. Muffin omelettes would be perfect for a brunch or when just feeding the fam and you don’t want to spend the morning hovering over the stove too. There is very little work (and clean up) involved! My favorite!

Start off your ‘fillings’ in a frying pan. For me it would be bacon, mushrooms, spinach, and onions. Put them in the muffin tin and top with eggs (and cheese) and pop them in the over for a few minutes and presto…breakfast!

Bored with breakfast? So was Brit And Co and that’s why they gathered up this yummy breakfast roundup. These 20 delicious ideas are going to revolutionize that morning meal. Muffin tin omelettes one day and tater tot breakfast nachos the next. Or maybe a nice yogurt brulee. I’ll be back. I’m going to go make my breakfast now…