Upside Down Jeans Dress (Pattern)


Ahhh! Cutting up my jeans?! The thought gives me pains. I know that they won’t last forever but cutting them up? I have had to get over my aversion to mutilating denim because there are so many great crafts and fun things you can do and make with them. Like making cute purses, cell phone holders, and boots. You can also make a really fun upside down dress! I’m really excited to feature All Day Chic and this really creative design. I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s a fun twist on a jumper and really cute! Can you see yourself wearing this? Do you have the sewing skills to make it happen?

Photo: @aviareuveni on instagram

Who What Wear has some other brilliant tips on how to dress up those denims. I love them all. You? Whether it’s with boots or a blazer, jeans aren’t just for lounging anymore. They are quite chic!