Upcycled Paper Heart Box


I love quilling, but I only have a few colored quilling strips other than white. For this reason, I got the idea to make some with brown paper grocery bags!

I have tons of them so I thought it was worth giving them a try. But honestly, brown is probably my least favorite color so I didn’t expect anything good from those bags…

Boy, was I wrong!
The combination of brown and white paper strips turned out beautiful! It almost looks like the old copper’s color, or something similar :D

So here is a great quilling project to remind you how good upcycling is!
I’m very satisfied with the way this heart box turned out and I hope you like it enough to votefor it :)

By the way, Valentine’s Day is getting closer and this heart box will be a perfect gift, don’t you think? ;)

Upcycled Paper Heart Box