Thug Mom Assaults 71-Year-Old Who Made 1 Polite Request, Gets EPIC Justice

A 24-year-old thug mom, who ran from a New York subway station on Monday after violently beating a 71-year-old woman, just got the worst news of her life. The truly shocking thing is that she repeatedly punched the little old lady in the face for simply making one polite request as she tried to enter a subway elevator. Now, this thug is going to rightfully pay the price for her sickening behavior.

According to The Blaze, Breonna Turk and her 4-year-old little girl were entering a crowded subway elevator Monday afternoon when the shocking incident took place. Passengers trying to exit the elevator encountered some difficulty as a result of Turk and her child pushing their way in.

NBC New York reports that the 71-year-old victim who was also waiting to enter the elevator politely requested Turk teach her daughter to wait for people to exit before rushing onto the elevator. According to Assistant District Attorney Michael Dinet, it was at that moment Turk began brutally punching the victim in the face and beating her with her own cane. As onlookers watched in horror, two other passengers tried to intervene as Turk attempted to whack one of them with the elderly woman’s cane.

Turk reportedly ran from the scene of the assault with her 4-year-old but later turned herself into the police. Now, the bad-tempered mother is going to be facing prison time after she was charged with a felony, 2nd-degree assault. Turk appeared in court with a vacuous stare in her eyes as bail was set at $5,000 by Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Herb Moses despite the prosecutor’s request for Turk to secure a $30,000 bond.

This horrific attack is more than just another example of thuggery in America. This scenario plays out over and over again in our country because of people like Turk who live in lawlessness and raise their children to be disrespectful of others. Regardless of their station in life, all people possess the same potential for good or evil. It is imperative that more people understand the fundamental value in teaching their children common courtesy and respect. Now, Turk is finally setting an example for her daughter – albeit a bad one – about what this kind of disgusting behavior gets you.