Student’s Disgusting School Lunch Picture Goes Viral, Everyone Stunned To Find Out What It Is

One Pennsylvania student’s overcooked school lunch has gone viral, disgusting many nationwide.

Someone uploaded a photograph of the gray- and brown-colored hamburger onto Facebook on Nov. 14, drawing reactions from hundreds, the Daily Mail reports.

Many were so shocked by the food’s appearance, they wondered if it was even safe to eat.

“I work in a school cafeteria,” wrote one user on WJAC’s Facebook page. “If that burger had come out of my oven looking like that it would have went in the garbage…not on your child’s meal!”

Others declared it was proof that schools needed to completely overhaul their cafeteria menus, arguing the food is unhealthy and unsafe.

 Dr. Luke Lansberry, superintendent of DuBois Area School District, where the burger was served, said the district had since stopped serving the hamburger.

“Our food service director has contacted the state and told them about the situation and made it clear we will no longer accept that product in the district, just to make sure that we have good-quality food,” Lansberry said. “It’s something we’ll learn from and overcome and I have 100 percent confidence in the food service staff here that work hard to make great food for all of us.”

 At the same time, Lansberry defended the meal.

He says the hamburger was perfectly safe to eat, and had been served more than 300 times with only one complaint. Lansberry said the hamburger only looked bad because it had been overcooked, not because it was dangerous to consume.

“Food service workers cooked the hamburgers at 170 degrees, when typically they are only required to cook at 155 degrees,” he said, adding that a recent health inspection gave the school an excellent rating. “There’s a pretty good chance that hamburger was overcooked and a lot of the internal ingredients surfaced from that level of heat.”

Not everyone was convinced by the school district official’s statements.

“I would have liked to see the Superintendent eat that Burger since he was so confident it was an overcooking issue,” wrote one Facebook user.

Sources: Daily MailWJAC/Facebook / Photo credit: Amanda Mills/USCDCP via Public Domain Images, Facebook via Daily Mail