Rose With Cheese And Almonds


Would you like to try a new recipe that look awesome and tastes great? If yes, rose bud bread rolls are the right choice. The recipe is simple, as it doesn’t differ a lot from the traditional bread recipe, but the look of it will resemble a rose bud. So elegant and classy! To make the rose bud bread, prepare: a recipe for bread dough, sugar, ricotta cheese, almonds and orange zest. Make the bread dough according to a recipe you already have and let it rise. Once it doubles its size, roll it and cut small sections as shown in the pictures. Make small balls out of each section and roll them flat. Create four cuts, but leave the center untouched. Place it in the middle and then fill the center with ricotta cheese, sugar, orange zest and almonds. Then cover the center with the dough to create the rose bud and put them in the oven. When they become golden, take them out of the oven and add an extra touch of almonds or sugar.

Rose With Cheese And Almonds – Directions by Arabeska Waniliowa