DIY Project: Striped Paper Ornament


When holidays approach, people try and acquire the most interesting and eye-catching decorations. In order to impress a friend or a relative some put emphasis on the tree ornaments. Taking into account that this piece is central to the traditions and habbits of Christmas, they are on to something. That’s why you should consider a bit more what exactly you decorate the Christmas tree with. You can buy something from the store or you could make your own pieces of decoration. Take the object you see in the photo for example. Even though it looks pretty hard to make, the Striped Paper Ornament has the chance to become your favorite piece of DIY decoration for your Christmas tree. For you to get the same result as the one in the pictures provided, you will need a couple colors of regular paper, some thread and needle, a pencil and a ruler, a couple of beads and a pair of scissors. That’s all in terms of materials. Start by cutting the pieces of paper in 3.5″ by 0.5″ strips. Follow the rest of the instructions provided and you are ready to decorate your Christmas tree with a bit of personality!

DIY Striped Paper Ornament – Instructions by Jessica Jones (